A. Barendregt

A. Barendregt


A. Barendregt was a salvage company wanting to get ahead of the competition by focusing on reaching customers that had stranded on the road.

I researched online marketing opportunities SEO and SEA keyword mapping with landing pages, implementation of Waze and community building on Twitter. A new website was created with an emphasis on mobile and storytelling through photography.

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UI Designer &
Online Marketeer

Online Marketing consultency, UI Design, SEO optimalization

2016 - 2017


A. Barendregt had a problem: they were not called often enough for car salvage operations in the area. As the car salvage business relies on first-come-first-serve, they often lost business to competitors who arrived more quickly to the scene. Thus, we were looking to be more proactive in arriving first at stranded vehicles in the area.

Through market research and conversations we detected the following problems:

  • Stranded drivers often resort to their phone to Google for assistance, yet A. Barendregt doesn’t show up as a result.
  • Potential customers are unaware that they can call a salvage company directly, instead of relying on government-licence services such as ANWB.
  • It was hard to figure out where vehicles were stranded unless driving around 'blindly' with salvage trucks preemptively.


The current website was bland and focussed on explaining the products without focusing on the users’ problem. With the gathered research I designed a website that focused on solving the questions the user had and offering them a clear CTA to call A. Barendregt for immediate result.

Landing pages to service stranded drivers

I researched the keywords and phrases customers used as they were stranded. I defined a list of highways, locations, common questions and accidents that I would optimize and advertise for on Google.

Lege accu snelweg Dordrecht Empty battery highway Dordrecht
Pechhulp zonder ANWB Roadside assistance without subscription
Autopech op A16 Car trouble on A16 highway


A photography session with a professional photographer was set up to create a series of striking images that focussed on storytelling: Showing clean, experienced salvage professionals in the Rotterdam area.

A Barendregt photography
A Barendregt photography
A Barendregt photography


We wanted to build a community of salvage and road enthusiasts in the area that would help us report problems they noticed on the road. Twitter was a perfect medium for this. By actively reporting on the salvages we had done in the area and reminding followers they could tag us at @ABarendregtBV we built a strong network that would signal us if they spotted vehicles in need of salvaging.

A Barendregt Twitter
A Barendregt Twitter
A Barendregt Twitter


We realized that Waze was gaining in popularity among drivers and decided to take advantage of this. The option to report stranded vehicles live turned out to be a great opportunity for us. Using the Waze Live map allowed the office workers to check for reports and communicate them to the salvage truck drivers in the team to check out a specific area. This cut down on time lost driving ‘blindly’ and increased the amount of first-arrivals, thus gaining a clear advantage on the competition.

A.Barendregt has gone on to win the title Fastest responder to IM-incidents in the Netherlands 2016 - 2019.

Waze A. Barendregt


With the new marketing plan in effect, we were able to archive several great results:

  • The new website was able to reach a higher Google ranking and provide clear answers to the users questions. This led to an increase in leads through phone calls.
  • Photography that would be used to strengthen the brand, both online and offline.
  • 4000+ Twitter followers that actively reported stranded vehicles.
  • Implementation of Waze at the office to gain insight and respond to stranded vehicles, greatly increasing efficiency and making them the fastest IM-responder in the Netherlands..